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Evert, true to form, dealt diplomatically and compassionately with Billie Jean's situation and chastized the Press while calling on the public for fair treatment of the tennis legend who so helped to bring women's tennis to prominence.
SPECIAL ARTICLE:"In Defense of Billie Jean" written to the newspapers by Chris Evert when the Billie Jean King scandal broke out in 1980 regarding BJK's sexuality.


A Rose Is A Rose, By Any Other Name...

Did you know??? There is a special rose named after Chris Evert?

In fact, Chrissie was involved in the selection of her hybrid that's described as "cantaloupe-orange that blushes to red."

Commenting on the honor of having a flower named after her, Chrissie said, "When I heard that Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn had roses named after them, I felt that I was in great company."

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Check out these classic 1976 images of Chrissie out on the town with Hollywood hottie-stud, Burt Reynolds! Niiiiiice!


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~ The Photo Album of Chrissie Evert & Jimmy Connors engaged to be married while winning Wimbledon together in 1974. ~




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The MINI version of it is seen here!

(A bit reminiscient of the aesthetics from the cult-classic movie "Xanadu"?)




Here are some of the more colorful official Chris Evert wood racquets from the 1970s which were not used in professional play by Evert but endorsed by her for use by young girls learning to play, the ever-popular "Miss Chris" line.



"Somebody Put That Girl On A Motor Bike and Let's Make A Movie!!"

No, they didn't make a movie, but Tennis Week had Chrissie Rock Out on this cover displaying a retiring Chris Evert ready to Kick Butt with Personalized License Plate and Black Leather Jacket! This was to remind us, that even after retirement, the message was the same: Don't Mess with Chrissie.



Here is the mural with all the past Wimbledon champions which is at the entrance for the Wimbledon Museum and old entrance for centre court. The image of Chris is circa 1974.





It's not often that a piece of jewelry is named for an accident, but such is the case with tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets got their unusual name from an incident involving Chris Evert during a US Open match in 1987. Chris had been wearing an expensive bracelet featuring an inline string of individually-set diamonds. When the clasp snapped, she asked the officials to stop the match until the jewelry could be found.

Since that day, bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds have been called Tennis bracelets, and they are popular accessories for formal occasions due to their luster and sparkle.



Chris Evert-Lloyd,1982 ROLEX ad



Also Timeless:

Chris Evert with 14 year old Tracy Austin at Wimbledon 1977. Chris revealed to the press that she had a dream about playing Tracy before the event's draw was released. Evert won 6-1 6-1 but the intrinsic power of this rivalry was already evident in the mind of the world's number one player.



Do you remember... when Chris graced the cover of the 1985 WTA "Women Of Tennis" Calendar?? We do.


Evert was indeed the #1 player in the world for more months than she was not during the 1985 season.



The CONVERSE tennis shoe from the 1970s:

Chris Evert style.

Did you know?? There is an artist named Bob Peak that made a series of paintings called "Spirit of Sport" which feature sports figures and quotes by them. Bob would create abstract masterpieces based on his impressions of the spirit of the sports figure's approach to their craft, much as an artist works with a canvas.

Bob made a painting representing Chris Evert and her quote "Sometimes I think I grew up faster from losing than by winning."


There are a lot of portraits out there in honor of Chris, but none that I have seen as daring as this!

(Perhaps those trees represent the materials used to make the many Championship Wood Racquets that brought Chris some of her most important victories? And the beautiful yellowish-orange flowers... possibly the Chris Evert Rose??! No,I am only joking...this is fine abstraction and a brilliant rendition of the inner-life of a calm and contemplative champion!)

Just another day??

Maybe, but this shot is not in the Evert Museum for nothing! Here is Chrissie out on the practice court... at the 1985 French Open just days before her most famous win over Martina Navratilova, taking her sixth French Crown!

The Best Of Times...

Speaking of Great Shots, here's one of Chrissie with Nastase & Connors, courtesy of photographer Art Seitz, c1975

Chris Evert has inspired a lot of things. But this Nutty Video Game where Chrissie Evert takes on the likes of Ivan Lendl became very popular amongst home-video-arcade junkies!!! Chris has been quoted as saying that even at the height of her career, she could not beat the Top 1000th ranked male player, but now...with advancements in technology... she can do so on a regular basis. And you can be the guiding force behind her victories over then-worlds' number one male player, Ivan Lendl!! Go Chris!

This treasure is still available in used condition on Amazon for just a couple of bucks!! (ie, $2)

The Chris Evert official stamp issued in Grenada! (images '86 & '83)


1975 comparison of the differences in the backhand strokes of Margaret Court and Chris Evert. If the image does not appear, then click here

The Cerritos Tennis Club junior team poses with Chris Evert after an early round match at the 1976 Virginia Slims Championship in Los Angeles, California.

...and she also agreed to take pictures with the ballboys & ballgirls!


Chris hits Hollywood: Evert with Andy Mill and their three boys at the Wimbledon film premier in 2004!


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